At a Loss…

     As I sit here tonight, I’m trying to come up with something fun, compelling, insightful and whatever other word there is out there for interesting to write about, I’m drawing a blank (how could i have writer’s block 3 weeks in?). Am I that pathetic? How is this possible? People blog for years about the same thing and I can’t do it for 3 weeks? I tried to think of a topic all week, but I still couldn’t think of anything, sure I could write to you about how my jalapeno jelly came about or even my cayenne pepper one, but I just didn’t want to. I wanted all my early posts to the blog to be fresh and exciting, I mean give it at least 1 or 2 years before it got mundane, plus I’m just not a good enough writer to make boiling sugar and defying a good 3rd degree burn every weekend sound exciting, yet.

      Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t been doing other things in my life (remember this blog is also about stoves, ovens, sugar and how they all work together), but I just felt that it wasn’t yet time to venture away from the entire premise of the blog. One day I will write about, rainbow cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cheesecake, spongecake, macarons, and whatever else my mom, nephews and I get upto in the kitchen. Just not today 😦 .  Yes, it is a family thing, this adventure I’m on, though in all honesty my mother must be the most non-opinionated opinionated person I’ve ever met! Her answer to everything is either “it’s nice”(which means I really don’t like it but i won’t say that cause then you’ll ask me why), “i don’t know” (translation: I do know, but i don’t really want to engage in any kind of discussion to back up my thoughts so this is how I will answer so you will leave me alone) or “do whatever you want” (which generally is the one that gets me in trouble, because surprise, surprise she had an opinion on it after all and thought I could read her mind), so asking her about a topic she might want to read about was a lost cause. My nephews are little monsters (in the best way possible), and are somewhat interested in what I’m doing, if only to be spoon and bowl lickers or taste testers in general. Plus, i really don’t want them entering society with NO cooking skills at all (epic fail). They weren’t going to be any help, the oldest is 13 and has no interest in reading my blog, just eating the creations that I will end up eventually writing about.

     So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, I don’t really have anything jam related to write about (well I do, I just am feeling a little non creative on that topic) and you’ve learned a little bit about the cast of characters that will be popping up eventually and sporadically throughout this little blog I’ve got. If you DO want to hear about the thought and outcomes of my other jellies leave a comment for me.