Music Soothes the Beast…

     Sounds sooo compelling doesn’t it?  Actually this is just a little bit on the music I listen to when in the kitchen. Cuz I don’t know about you, but crating in silence is death (death, I tell you!!!) It’s amazing how awful the silence is to me, I know that somewhere there is a philosopher going on and on about how to be a complete human or to be content with oneself one must learn to be with oneself in silence (that sounded really intelligent, didn’t it?). I guess I’m not content with myself, cuz the silence brings the thoughts, which brings the doubts, which then causes the shutdown of all the little bit of creativity that I have. I wasn’t blessed with an artistic side like my mom and sisters, I got the logical, analytical, chemistry side (I have no idea from who) and while it does explain why baking and jellies make sense to me…it means that I have to work 3x harder to come up with an exciting creative idea than anyone in my family does. So when the doubts start rolling in it’s game over.

     I learned to “fight back” so to speak by using music, some of you may get it. Music keeps me creative, maybe it’s the fact that I’m surrounding myself with the work of another creative person, be it the singer, the songwriter, the producer, the D.J., the person who brought everyone together…whatever. Something creative had to happen for the thing I’m listening to to come about and that’s enough for me!

     Now, depending on where I’m at in the process of thinking of a treat, decides the genre of music or artists that I’ll be listening to. In the beginning it’s mostly #pop music or something girl power driven Iggy Azalea, Lily Allen, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Miley Cyrus especially her newer stuff, Tove LoEnrique Iglesias (I dare anyone to say his songs aren’t about girl power) and M.I.A. just to name a few. Heavy on the beats, decent lyrics, and danceable perfect for the tremendous amount of down time you’ve got when waiting for things to boil, simmer, rest or bake. Pandora has become a life saver in the kitchen to me, when reading and re-reading a recipe I tend to go for more singer/songwriters that are in bands like Kings of Leon, The Neighborhood, The Black Keys, Muse, the Arctic Monkeys, and when I have to do any kind of canning or cake decorating it’s straight underground hip-hop for me. I recently got turned on to this amazing group from Australia, the Hilltop Hoods, I’m just loving them right now, as well as my long time favorite that I got introduced to my freshman year of college, they’re huge in Canada but relatively unknown here in the U.S. Swollen Members, there is also Lupe Fiasco, Dead Prez, Dialated Peoples, Tech N9ne, Cunninlynguists, and M.G.K. to name some of the hip-hop I’m listening to.

    If you’ve stuck with me so far through this post, you’ll notice my taste in music is all over the place and the world, but they have some things in common, all of these artists have either created their own work, gone through a growing process that has resonated with me, are great commentary on society, or simply it’s a damn good song, no matter who wrote it. I hope you check out the links (I know I went a little bit link crazy, but can you blame me? I finally figured out how to use the thing!), you may not like them all, but I’m betting one of them will catch your notice.

     If you have any artists that helps you get through the day or just cooking dinner, leave a comment below and I’ll check them out too, I love hearing new music.