Trick or Treat? (Pringles Holiday Flavors Taste Test)

     Yes, I’m aware that this had nothing to do with Jam or jellies or bread, but baking was required (even if I didn’t do it) and I’m positive that there is sugar in here somewhere.
     As I was strolling through the aisles of Wal-Mart (I’m here waaay to often for my own good), I stumbled upon these little gems. As a lover of the Original (I was heart broken when I couldn’t fit my hand in the tube anymore), I couldn’t resist the chance to try these, and at $1.50 (at my local Wal-Mart, prices may vary elsewhere) for each, they were well within my budget. 
     Pringles has come out with these limited edition flavors for the holidays(?) Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Salted Caramel. To be honest I was only interested in the Salted Caramel, but didn’t think it would be fair to only try 1. I’ve broken the taste testing into 2 categories smell/looks and taste, I didn’t add texture or anything like that, since that’s not really what we want to know about. If you do, ask in the comments below.
     First up, is the White Chocolate.
                   Smell/Looks: Nothing, seriously! Had to stick my nose so far into the tube that I think I
                                          inhaled some of the powder. Not a bad thing, I don’t think this is one that
                                          you want to be overwhelmed with the smell. It looked very much like the
                                          Original, with a white cast (kinda like the white cheese powder on
                    Taste: Sweet, reminded me of a Hershey’s Symphony bar with the familiar Pringles
                               flavor at the end. No cloying aftertaste to remind you of what you just ate.

Next, we have Salted Caramel:
                        Smell/Looks: Sweet, with a hint of salt. While this still didn’t hit me in the face with a
                                               smell, I also didn’t have to stick my nose so far into the tube that I
                                               looked like a lying Pinocchio. Looks very similar to the White
                        Taste: Very much like a caramel, without the sticking you teeth nonsense. It had a
                                    slight hint-o-salt at the end, but the Pringels flavor we know was not there (in
                                    my opinion). Not one I could finish in one sitting, still not a strong aftertaste.
 Lastly, we have Milk Chocolate:
                             Smell/Looks: This was the strongest of the three in terms of smell, but still very
                                                    slight. It reminded me of Swiss Miss hot chocolate (not sure if that ‘s
                                                    what they were going for). As you can see, it’s the only one that has
                                                    an obvious differentiation in color. I read the ingredients and it’s
                                                    literally sprinkled with unsweetened cocoa powder (hmm, maybe 
                                                    they used Swiss Miss after all)
                            Taste: Like straight hot chocolate, there is no other way to describe it. There is
                                       absolutely no Pringles taste to this at all or any salt taste either, I have no
                                       idea how the got rid of the best part of Pringles. If you like chocolate and
                                       don’t like Pringles this is the one for you. I kept wanting to pour a glass of
                                       milk with this.

     Over all they all tasted better than I expected (I was working off of a horrific encounter with Peppermint/candy cane Pringles a few years ago). None of them is something I want to have everyday (like eggnog), but they are great for what they are, a novelty item that I can enjoy every once in a while. Plus, they gave me heartburn for the whole rest of the night, not cool. That being said I had a very hard time picking just one as the overall winner, they all had good and bad things about them.
     In  the end I have to go with the one that I went back for seconds for….White Chocolate, it had just enough flavor to let me know what it was, but still tasted like a beloved Pringle.
P.S. This taste test was in NO way, shape, or form endorsed by the Pringles chip company (or whatever they call themselves). I paid for this out of my OWN hard earned money.