What Santa and Grandma Really Had in Common.

    I LOVE eggnog! Yes, that is the most ridiculous intro you’ve probably read in a while but, it’s true. I. love. Eggnog. I even love those McDonald’s eggnog pies that came out during the holidays in the 90’s. Damn, I’m salivating just remembering being skinny enough to eat like 3 of these a day and not care (ok, I’m lying it was more like 10, still didn’t care).

     I will drink it in all forms, even the horrible supermarket versions that have no taste whatsoever and you have to add all your own spices and liquor in order to enjoy, yeeeaaah, I drink those straight out of the carton. If you’re now calling me several types of uncultured swine, please know that I also make my mother’s family’s version of eggnog from scratch and she swears it’s almost as good as her grandmother’s (the holy grail that all things domestic in our home is compared to). So in order for you to also enjoy eggnog with me, I’ve compiled a list of 10 eggnog recipes from all over the interwebs that should convert you to the dark (and creamy) side.  Muhahahaha!!!

     What does this have to do with soap? Nothing.  I’m not a one trick pony you heathens! I’m a wild mustang, a mixture of many things to make the hardiest and best there is. I like making things, soap is one of those, food is another, and who knows, maybe something else will come along to catch my fancy. And guess what, all the ingredients in eggnog can be used in soap, yes, ALL.

  1. The Basic *

    As the title suggests it’s as simple and basic as it gets.


2.  The Domestic Queen 

Martha Stewart, the queen of domestic opulence does not disappoint, per usual.


Source: marthastewart.com

  3.  The Kitchen Chemist

Alton Brown is known for bringing the science into the kitchen and breaking it down to the sometimes, molecular level. He also loves his Bourbon. If you don’t know this man, get to know him, he’ll change the way you cook and understand food. My sister, the chef, swears by many of his recipes.


Source: altonbrown.com

  4.  The Virgin

While technically all of these recipes can be made without alcohol. I wanted to be sure you didn’t have to look too hard to find one. Plus, this one is Mexico’s contribution to eggnog.

   5. The Vegan (this hurts my soul, how is it eggnog without eggs or milk?)

I’m not a vegan, I don’t understand veganism. It truly makes no sense to me. But, to each his own, at least the spice and alcohol is there.

    6. The NOT vegan

Just to make my entire spirit feel better about # 5, I put this one on the list. It’s packed with enough milk and eggs to make a cow hesitate and a dairy farmer grin like a toddler. Kelsey Nixon made my whole year when I found this recipe. *Hint: Use the recipe from #1 or any of the others.

      Just about every island in the Caribbean has a version of eggnog. Mostly due to colonialism and having a ton of British influence in their heritage. Every island also thinks theirs is the best, and will give you umpteen reasons why that is the GOD given truth (think Michigan v. Ohio football). The next three recipes come from the Caribbean and of course I’m partial to # 9.


7. The Basic Vacation

This recipe comes from Jamaica. I’ve never been, but all my white friends have. Hence the name (pun intended).

    8. Coquito

This one is from Puerto Rico and is becoming very popular here in the U.S.


Source: allrecipes.com

    9. Ponche De Crème (this is almost like what I make at home)

This is actually pronounced “punch a cream” by the locals, and will put you on your ass if you use the requisite Puncheon, a clear rum that is 101 proof (that means it’s about 51% alcohol). To bad it cannot be brought into the U.S.


10. Oh, You Fancy, Huh?

I noticed that most of the recipes were pretty simple, so I decided to spice it up a bit with this one. It satisfies my salty/sweet tooth as well.

Now go out and conquer the nog!

Thanks for reading, and for those of you waiting for what song inspired this post.

Well, here it is! 

Source: YouTube.com


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