On Apologies

This post is brought to you by: JoJo

It all started when my mother read this post and commented to me,

“You can’t say you hate customers, when you’re trying to run a business.”

I explained that I’m not lying and that I prefer consumers and shoppers over customers. What’s the difference you ask? Well, to me I differentiate between the two, as customers come in see something, ask a bunch of questions to answers already posted in front of them and then buy because someone says it’s what they should do. A consumer/shopper does their homework before hand, gets the answers to obvious things and only asks for clarification on something possibly not listed or mentioned. They know what they want, or at least have an idea, and how much they’re willing to pay for it. 

Does this make me right, I’m not really sure. But,  I’m tired of catering to people who don’t give a fuck if I succeed. I give a fuck if I succeed, and for me to feel that I am doing what is right for me I have to put it out there. Like I said before I hate repeating myself, I’ve worked with children most of my adult life and I strongly believe that they (and those with legit mental issues) are the only people that things should be repeated to. NOT to grown men and women that can read and understand the language I write in.  I don’t mind questions, but if there are signs about or subheadings on a webpage, fucking read them! The person obviously took the time to create the information, you could at least take the time to read said information. If you are then still confused, then by all means ask a question and I’d be happy to answer. For example, I recently had a huge sale (by my standards) of 6 bars of soap. The person was unclear about the dimensions of my bars and so asked a question, this made absolute total sense because I didn’t have any information about the sizes of my bars listed on my Etsy page. Don’t yell, I’m still learning and as I’ve said before I don’t have anyone to ask. 

If you even fix your mouth to mention Facebook forums and groups just stop right there. I tried that once and the amount of unhelpful and nasty backlash I got for asking a simple question was really scary. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon. It was very disheartening to have to wade through 10 – 15 horrible comments and replies just to find 1 decent piece of workable information, and that’s too much and frankly not healthy for the mind to have to search that hard for the good in something. 

In short, I’m not gonna ask for forgiveness or give an apology for something I’m not sorry about. If you’ve worked retail you know the difference between a customer and a consumer and if you haven’t..then I hope with was helpful.

Thanks for reading,