The Weekend Update – Part 1

This post brought to you by: Last Christmas - Wham! As I sit here with my maple turkey bacon, fired egg and tomato sandwich while simultaneously trying to watch "Kill Bill" Volume 1 and 2, SafariLive and do laundry. I realised that I hadn't written a post in a few weeks, okay more like months … Continue reading The Weekend Update – Part 1

What Santa and Grandma Really Had in Common.

    I LOVE eggnog! Yes, that is the most ridiculous intro you've probably read in a while but, it's true. I. love. Eggnog. I even love those McDonald's eggnog pies that came out during the holidays in the 90's. Damn, I'm salivating just remembering being skinny enough to eat like 3 of these a day … Continue reading What Santa and Grandma Really Had in Common.

Can’t catch me!

     My youngest nephews' 6th birthday was a few days ago. I, of course, didn't remember it at all (yes, I'm a terrible aunt). Well, he made sure to remind me by asking me,      "Can you make me a juju bread man for my birthday?" At first I didn't know what he was talking … Continue reading Can’t catch me!

How ’bout them apples

     So I got it into my head one day to bake a cheesecake, keep in mind that I get it into my head to make cheesecake alot, the thing is, I'm generally missing an ingredient or two and am thwarted in my quest before it even begins. But today, today I had it all, … Continue reading How ’bout them apples