What Santa and Grandma Really Had in Common.

    I LOVE eggnog! Yes, that is the most ridiculous intro you've probably read in a while but, it's true. I. love. Eggnog. I even love those McDonald's eggnog pies that came out during the holidays in the 90's. Damn, I'm salivating just remembering being skinny enough to eat like 3 of these a day … Continue reading What Santa and Grandma Really Had in Common.

You Gotta Have Faith

Brought to you by George Michael (just think soap and business in place of a relationship)          It's been a while since you've heard from me. I know that no one actually cares about my dinky little blog and store (I look at the stats). but, I decided to continue to write, if … Continue reading You Gotta Have Faith

Can’t catch me!

     My youngest nephews' 6th birthday was a few days ago. I, of course, didn't remember it at all (yes, I'm a terrible aunt). Well, he made sure to remind me by asking me,      "Can you make me a juju bread man for my birthday?" At first I didn't know what he was talking … Continue reading Can’t catch me!

Dr. Feelgood

     A few weeks ago (ok way more than a few weeks by now), my family and I went out for a girls only Sunday breakfast, yes breakfast not brunch. It was a planned day of no kids (I don't have any), girl talk (I'm not good at), mimosas (now we're talking) and amazing food … Continue reading Dr. Feelgood