The Weekend Update – Part 1

This post brought to you by: Last Christmas - Wham! As I sit here with my maple turkey bacon, fired egg and tomato sandwich while simultaneously trying to watch "Kill Bill" Volume 1 and 2, SafariLive and do laundry. I realised that I hadn't written a post in a few weeks, okay more like months … Continue reading The Weekend Update – Part 1

The Kitchen Soap Series

Aqua - "An Apple A Day" Photo courtesy of MommypotamusAs the title says, I'm going to be starting a series about soaping with the items found in our kitchen pantry. Many people don't know that many soapers use the exact same tools and ingredients as bakers and pastry chefs. In the upcoming weeks, I'm going … Continue reading The Kitchen Soap Series

Dr. Feelgood

     A few weeks ago (ok way more than a few weeks by now), my family and I went out for a girls only Sunday breakfast, yes breakfast not brunch. It was a planned day of no kids (I don't have any), girl talk (I'm not good at), mimosas (now we're talking) and amazing food … Continue reading Dr. Feelgood