What I Do


I make handmade soaps in small batches in New Castle, Delaware. All of my soap is made using cold process (a.k.a. the old fashioned way), with most featuring either some sort of food item: tea, coffee, even milk (including vegan options like coconut milk!) as a key ingredient. You’ll also see some soaps that break the mold, as I like to experiment.

I had the opportunity to travel to several countries around the world and to live in many states. All left a strong impression on me, especially the scents and tastes. Years later, I found soap making and a way to introduce others to my adventures through the smells and ingredients of my bath and body products.

I use a variety of oils and butters and try to vary my recipes, and to provide more options. I have vegan soap and all my soap is palm oil free. Take a look at the ingredients (always listed in order from most to least) to see what you’re getting! All my soaps are cured for 4-6 weeks, with the olive oil soaps (where olive oil is the main oil) curing for 3 months or more. Each one is tested by friends and family before I offer them up for sale.